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The Comai Lab is in the Department of Plant Biology and the UC Davis Genome Center. We study how hybridization, chromosome number, and chromosome type affect gene regulation, development and genome evolution. Our model systems are Arabidopsis thaliana, rice, poplar, and tomato. With collaborators, we are continuing the work of our colleague Simon Chan investigating the role of Centromeric Histone 3 in centromere function. We are developing improved methods for TILLING to efficiently discover mutations in plant genes. Click on the research links below to find out more.

Polyploidy, Heterosis, Potato, Centromeres, Poplar, and TILLING

Funding sources

Our research is funded by the Department of Energy grant 201118510 (Creation of High-Precision Characterization of Novel Poplar Biomass Germplasm), by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Grant GBMF3068 (Chan legacy research), by a subaward from CSIRO of a Gates foundation grant, by National Science Foundation grants 1457230 (NSF-IOS), 1444612 (NSF-PGRP) and 1354564 (NSF-EAGER), and by industry grants. Previous support was from National Science Foundation Plant Genome grant DBI-0733857 (Functional Genomics of Polyploids), NSF Plant Genome award DBI-0822383, (TRPGR: Efficient identification of induced mutations in crop species by ultra-high-throughput DNA sequencing), and National Institutes of Health R01 GM076103-01A1 (Dosage dependent regulation in hybridization) to LC.

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