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Position Announcement: Associate Specialist

An Associate Specialist position is available in the Comai laboratory. The Comai laboratory is a plant genomics laboratory at the University of California at Davis and affiliated with the department of Plant Biology. It is located in the Genome Center, a state-of-the-art genomic research facility, and has an existing staff of about fifteen people (

The work assignment will involve independent research focused on determining molecular mechanisms of genome elimination as well as the implementation of strategies for optimal apomixis through genome elimination and apomeiosis. In addition to carrying out independent and original research, the successful candidate will also be responsible for advising and supervising undergraduate and graduate students working in the same area or related areas. The candidate will have demonstrated expertise in plant reproductive biology and particularly in the analysis of gamete formation, fertilization and early embryonic growth in Arabidopsis, including the use of fluorescent microscopy to visualize and mark chromosomes, chromatin, and specific epigenetic components.

To apply

For more information and application information, please click here (coming soon) . Questions can be addressed to Isabelle Henry.

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