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Luca Comai

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  • GBSF 4511
  • Tel: (530) 752-8485
  • Email

Office hours

  • Wednesday 11am-12pm every week
  • Friday 4:30-6pm, by appointment. Please, email the day before. You are welcome to try your luck and drop by unannounced.. GBSF doors lock at 5pm: call 752-8485 to get access
  • Location: GBSF 4511 (The building is immediately SW of Aggie Stadium).

LC is a professor of Plant Biology and at 120 years of age, the oldest Professor on campus. He spent the very early part of his life as an egg and a sperm cell. Through sexual fusion he became a zygote, which through rapid mitotic cycles grew to be an obnoxious toddler. Professor Comai grew up in a very mountainous place, working Summers as a plumber and a barista. After dodging the military draft, he miraculously was admitted to graduate school and got his Ph.D. at UC Davis studying the genetics of plant pathogenic bacteria. He worked for 9 years in the plant biotechnology industry. Then decided to change his career and joined the University of Washington in Seattle to be a professor. His favorite research areas are the genetic effects of hybridization, changes in chromosomal number, and function of chromosomes. He also loves to discover new mutants in important genes using an approach called TILLING. Since 2006 he has been at the UCD Genome Center. He teaches Introductory Biology (BIS2A) and Genomics (GGG201B).

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