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Useful links for BIS101, Introductory Genetics - Comai, Winter 2015

Some of the links in this page require access from the campus network. You can still get access from outside campus if you use the library VPN or other options provided by the UCD library.


  • The original paper describing Mendel's results with pea. Published in Brunn Journal of Natural Sciences.
  • Were the data too good to be true? Did Mendel cheat? He may have simplified the numbers to avoid confusing his peers (not an unreasonable idea in his context). See this authoritative discussion of the problem.
  • Procedure for cross pollination of pea, described by an hobbyist gardener
  • A technical manual for pea breeding
  • Wild legumes avoid self-pollination and require insect for cross pollinators

Inbreeding leading to human disease




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