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==This page is incomplete==
==This page is incomplete==
The information in this page will be up to date Jan 1 20154.
The information in this page will be up to date Jan 1 2015.

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BIS101 general information

This page is incomplete

The information in this page will be up to date Jan 1 2015.


The grade structure is built on the following scores:

Item Max score
Midterm I 90
Midterm I 90
Midterm II 90
Midterm III 90
Final 180
Quizzes OR

Midterm Q

Total 500

Quizzes will be administered during each lecture via the iClicker system. See iClicker-class polling below for details. You can also take Midterm Q, a make-up midterm specific for the Quizzes. If you take both the Quizzes and Midterm Q, you get the highest of the two scores. In other words, you could theoretically skip all the lectures, take Midterm Q, and still do very well in this course.

Lecture Quizzes

We will use the i>Clicker (see iClicker below) for class polling and interactive quizzes. Bring your i>Clicker to each lecture because some grade points are assigned to Clicker-based Quizzes. For each lecture, you get 1 point just for clicking regardless of whether you are right or wrong. About 2 points are for getting questions right. The scoring structure is such that you can miss up to three lectures and still get full score. More than half of the Quizzes will be relatively easy and you will be able to get full score on this item relatively easily. Of course, you can go fishing and take Midterm Q the last week of the course.


i>Clicker, i>Clicker+, i>Clicker2 will all work. Available in the bookstore or through online retailers (~$44-33 new on Amazon, to ~$35-20 used). We will also try to enable the iClickerGO app (free for 2 weeks, $10/qrt), which can be installed on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and tablet. Make sure that what you get is compatible with your version of the operating system: use the free trial first to make sure it works. In preparation for class use you must register you i>Clicker by going to this web site. You will need your i>Clicker number (back side, right above battery access opening) and your UCD student number (looks like: 997660000). If you use i>ClickerGO registration is from the app in your devise. Registration is necessary for proper credit of your class use of the i>Clicker. How does it work? The instructor will download your i>Clicker data from the i>Clicker web registry. Did your registration succeed? We will post the list of registered clickers for you to check at the end of the first week.


General Class Questions including Enrollment

Q. What exactly is Midterm Q? A: Midterm Q is a multiple choice test worth 50 points and it is an alternative to the Lecture Quizzes. You can take Midterm Q whether or not you have taken the Quizzes. Midterm Q will cover the same topics covered in the Lecture Quizzes, but will be a little more challenging. Midterm Q will be offered at one specific time only (see Syllabus).

Q. If I am on the waitlist will I get into the class? A: The course is fully subscribed. Keep trying if you want in case space becomes available. You do not need to come to the lecture but can follow online. This will avoid overcrowding Wellman Hall 2. I can register you as an auditor: Email me at You will be able to use the smartsite including the lecture videocasts.

Q. What is my TAs email address? A: See [[BIS101 Teaching staff and office hours].].

Q: What are the prerequisites for this course? A: BIS2A, 2B and (2C may be taken concurrently); Chemistry 8B or 118B or 128B, may be taken concurrently; Statistics 13 or 100 or 102 or 130A or equivalent (100 preferred; Statistics may be taken concurrently

Q: I cannot attend exam I. Can I take it at a different time? A: See Attendance and valid excuses.

Q: Do I have to know all the information in the textbook readings? A: Not all. You are responsible for the material and concepts covered in the Lecture and in the Study questions.

Text Book

The text book will be "Genetic analysis: an integrated approach" by Mark F. Sanders and John L. Bowman. There are two editions available: 1st and 2nd. Either will work fine. The text book will serve two functions. I. It will provide a reference to supplement and clarify your notes from class. II. It will provide quizzes and answers for study. If you buy a new text, you may get web access with it. That is useful but not needed. If you want to conserve $, buy the used first edition. It will work just fine. Because genetic problems are an indispensable part of learning genetics, you really cannot do well without the text book

Exam taking details

Classroom behavior

Skipping class is OK. If you attend, as we recommend, please follow a few common sense rules as a courtesy to others. Refrain from chatting after the class starts, reading the paper, displaying affection in manner that involves more than holding hands. Unless you absolutely have to go, attend until scheduled end time.


Any form of cheating will result in a grade of 0 and referral to the ethics and disciplinary board. Important: if you click for somebody else, you are cheating: both you and the clicker owner will receive a Quizzes/Midterm Q total score of 0 for the course.

Students with disabilities

If you have established eligibility for special accomodation procedures we will be pleased to implement them.

Study TIPS

  • Do the assigned quizzes.
  • Enroll in the Discussion if you can (CRN 65241-7)

Preparation for exams

The questions are multiple choice, of moderate difficulty, and students tend to average around 70% correct answers. The assigned quizzes and example exams to be provided before each exam date should give you a fair idea of what to expect. You will be responsible primarily for material covered in the lecture and in the assigned questions. Book readings (pages assigned) are only for helping your understanding of the matter covered in lecture and tested in the study questions.


BIS101 Teaching staff and office hours

BIS101 Useful links

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