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This page links useful material


  • The walking protein, kinesin. The video demonstrates how protein conformational changes powered by ATP translate into a walking movement. Kinesins are motor proteins: they move on tracks formed by the cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton is a framework of cables and rods formed by the assembly of protein subunits. This video is a good example of protein function.
  • pH
  • The shape of molecules
    • 3D chemisry: view interesting small molecules from all angles. A great way to familiarize yourself with chemical structures
    • Manipulate DNA in 3D. The best way to learn!
    • Protein folding: playing a game of protein folding while participating in cutting-edge research
  • Membranes
    • Phospholipids form a vescicle, a primitive form of protocell. YouTube.
    • General intro. YouTube
    • Osmosis. A movie.
    • A membrane channel. Cystic fibrosis is caused by defects in a Cl- channel transporter called CFTR. CF can be diagnosed by measuring increased Cl- in the sweat
    • Membrane channel function. YouTube
    • Membrane active transporter, and Na+/K+ antiporter function. YouTube
  • Enzymes


  • Energy
    • Glycolysis
    • Respiration
    • Photosynthesis
      • The conversion of light into energy by photosynthesis. This video has many details that are not required in the course. Nevertheless, if you gloss over the details and go for the big picture, it is a very useful overview. And, just in case, here is another video of the process (optional but useful).
      • A simple overview of the Calvin cycle.
    • Production of ATP
      • The function of ATP synthetase. This combination of enzyme and membrane transporter converts the power of the proton gradient into ATP. You need to understand all the content of this video. The ATP-binding rotor component is an amazing structure. Just in case, here is another version.
  • Binary fission
    • Dividing bacteria forming a colony.
  • Mitosis
    • A real mitosis taking place in the anther cell of a blood lily.
    • A real mitosis in an animal lung cell.
    • The animated version of mitosis. Very clear. Should be helpful.
  • Genes
    • A real simple video from a genotyping company that explains genes and diversity
  • SNP
    • A quick explanation of SNPs, which stand for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
  • Chromosomes
    • A fun video from a genotyping company explaining inheritance and chromosome numbers
  • DNA replication
    • This video emphasizes the difference between leading and lagging strand.
    • A more faithful view of how a replication fork actually looks. Note the dynamics of leading and lagging strand.
  • Translation
    • Ribosome assembly, peptidyl and aminoacyl sites, release factors in this video.
    • A more complete view of translation.
    • A stunning view of molecular movement during protein synthesis. Watch the ribosome move its arms to load aminoacyl-tRNAs on its active site.
    • What is an Open Reading Frame?
  • Mutation and repair. There are multiple pathways used by the cells to fix DNA problems.
    • Nucleotide Excision Repair: a nucleotide damaged by a mutagenic compound is identified and repaired by a DNA patch. In the video it appears that the patch is presynthesized. This is not the case. A DNA polymerase synthesizes the patch using the good strand as a template.
  • RNA splicing
    • A bit more than you need to know, but if you want to memorize the concept that introns are taken out of RNA, this is a very clear video illustrating the process of RNA splicing
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