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This page summarizes the methods and data available from the Comai lab


TILLING and High throughput sequencing

Custom barcoding for Illumina and Illumina barcoded reads pipeline

RESCAN: genotyping and mutation discovery

Exome capture: genotyping and mutation discovery

Discover CNV in genomes (a Matt Porter and Korf lab collaboration)



Functional genomics of plant polyploids: NSF DBI 0733857

Protien Family Data Files

REVOLUTA legacy data


This page and the connected tools are funded by:

  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0733857 (Functional Genomics of Polyploids)
  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0924025. Heterosis Challenge Grant (HCG):The Regulatory Disruption Hypothesis for Heterosis
  • NSF Plant Genome grant DBI-0822383 ("TILLING by Sequencing")
  • National Institutes of Health R01 GM076103-01A1 (Dosage dependent regulation in hybridization) to LC.
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