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Position Announcement: Junior Specialist

A Junior Specialist position is available in the Comai laboratory. The Comai laboratory is a plant genomics laboratory at the University of California at Davis and affiliated with the department of Plant Biology. It is located in the Genome Center, a state-of-the-art genomic research facility, and has an existing staff of about fifteen people ( The position is ideal for a candidate interested in entry-level work in plant genetics and genomics.

The successful candidate will be responsible for ordering and stocking supplies and reagents, for general laboratory maintenance and organization, lab safety and other lab management-related tasks, as well as for the supervision of undergraduate students assisting in those tasks. He / she might also occasionally participate in the propagation, care and phenotypic characterization of experimental plants in growth chamber facilities and / or in the field. The second focus of the position is to assist in existing projects in various crops, using basic molecular biology tasks such as PCR, genotyping, DNA or RNA extractions, as well as possibly production and characterization of transgenic plants.

To apply

For more information and application information, please click here . Questions can be addressed to Isabelle Henry.

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