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(Current Schedule)
(Current Schedule)
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==Current Schedule==
==Current Schedule==
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<!--Lab Meeting Schedule for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019-->
<p style="font-size:large; font-weight:bold">Britt and Comai Joint Lab Meetings Mondays</p><br/>
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{| border="1" cellpadding="5" style="text-align: center;"
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|colspan="5"| '''Winter break'''
|colspan="5"| '''Winter break'''
Jan 7
|Jan 7

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Schedule of lab meeting

Conference room reservations

Projector reservations

Previous Lab Meeting Schedules

Current Schedule

Date 45 Min. Talk 5 min Talk 1 5 min Talk 2 Location Time
Nov. 26 Mily Benny Livingstone GBSF4202 2PM
Dec. 3 Nampun Nestor Mohan GBSF4202 2PM
Dec 10 Tohru Isabelle Peter GBSF4202 2PM
Dec. 17 Kirk Helen Sundaram GBSF4202 2PM
Dec. 24 Winter break
Dec. 31 Winter break
Jan 7 Weier Kaoru Luca GBSF4202 2PM
Jan 14 Meric Stam Anne GBSF4202 2PM
Jan. 21 MLK day
Jan. 28 Livingstone Nestor Alana GBSF4202 2PM
Feb. 4 Helen Heloise Isabelle GBSF4202 2PM
Feb, 11 Peter Kirk Benny GBSF4202 2PM
Feb. 18 Presidents' Day
Feb. 25 Sundaram Weier Mohan GBSF4202 2PM
March 4 Alana Tohru Stam GBSF4202 2PM
March 11 Benny Livingstone Nestor GBSF4202 2PM
March 18 Mohan Mily Heloise GBSF4202 2PM
March 25 Kaoru Peter Kirk GBSF4202 2PM
April 1 Nestor Sundaram Weier GBSF4202 2PM
April 8 Heloise Luca Meric GBSF4202 2PM
April 15 Mily Anne Benny GBSF4202 2PM
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