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Schedule of lab meeting

Conference room reservations

Projector reservations

Previous Lab Meeting Schedules

Current Schedule

Britt and Comai Joint Lab Meetings Mondays

Date 45 Min. Talk 5 min Talk 1 5 min Talk 2 Location Time
June 18 Summer break
June 25 Karminderbir Peter Helen !!!!!!LSA 1022!!!!!! 2PM
July 2 July 4th break
July 9 Subha Isabelle Nestor LSA 1022 2PM
July 16 Weier Kaoru Sundaram LSA1022 2PM
July 23 Summer break
July 30 Peter Mohan Benny LSA 1022 2PM
August 6 Summer break
August 13 Livingstone Helen 148 Briggs (MCB)!!!!! 1.30PM!!!!!!
August 20 Summer break
August 27 Sundaram Kirk Karminderbir LSA1022 2PM
Sept 3 Summer break
Sept 10 Alana Weier Anne LSA1022 2PM
Sept 17 Benny Luca Kaoru LSA 1022 2PM
Sept 24 UCD DNA tech. core Mily Isabelle !!!GBSF4202!!!! 2PM
Oct. 1 Meric Tohru Peter LSA 1022 2PM
Oct. 8 Mohan Livingstone Kirk LSA1022 2PM
Oct. 15 Kaoru Sundaram Alana LSA 1022 2PM
Oct. 22 Nestor Weier Luca LSA1022 2PM
Oct. 29 Isabelle Anne Mily GBSF4202 2PM
Nov. 5 Helen Alana Meric GBSF4202 2PM
Nov. 12 Veterans Day
Nov. 19 Mily Benny Livingstone GBSF4202 2PM
Nov. 26 Tohru Nestor Mohan GBSF4202 2PM
Dec. 3 Heloise TBA TBA GBSF4202 2PM
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