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Schedule of lab meeting

Conference room reservations

Projector reservations

Previous Lab Meeting Schedules

Current Schedule

Britt and Comai Joint Lab Meetings Mondays

Date 45 Min. Talk 5 min Talk 1 5 min Talk 2 Location Time
March 17 Isabelle Sundaram Phil GBSF 4202 2PM
March 24 Victor Soichi Anne GBSF 4202 2PM
March 31 Michelle Han Shamoni GBSF 4202 2PM
April 7 Mohan Nenad Ivalu GBSF 4202 2PM
April 14 Kostas Kritsas (post-doctoral interview) GBSF 4202 2PM
April 21 Sundaram Victor Michelle GBSF 4202 2PM
April 28 Shamoni Millie Isabelle GBSF 4202 2PM
May 5 Alfred Soichi Han GBSF 4202 2PM
May 12 Han Jian Luca GBSF 4202 2PM
May 19 Nenad Mohan Brad GBSF 4202 2PM
May 26 Memorial Day
June 2 Ivalu Michelle Victor TBA 2PM
June 9 Millie Isabelle Sundaram TBA 2PM
June 16 Phil Shamoni Jian TBA 2PM
June 23 Soichi Phil Mohan TBA 2PM
June 30 Brad Luca Millie TBA 2PM
July 7 Victor Anne Ivalu TBA 2PM
July 14 Michelle Brad Nenad TBA 2PM

Meetings at GBSF July - December
Meetings at LSA January - June

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