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Schedule of lab meeting

Conference room reservations

Projector reservations

Previous Lab Meeting Schedules

Current Schedule

Britt and Comai Joint Lab Meetings Mondays

Date 45 Min. Talk 5 min Talk 1 5 min Talk 2 Location Time
May 9 Isabelle Meric Luca GBSF4202 2PM
May 16 Peter Luca Benny GBSF4202 2PM
May 23 Sundaram Livingstone Jessica GBSF4202 2PM
May 30 Memorial Day
June 6 Alan Christensen (visitor) Ross Marwa LSA1022 2PM
June 13 Benny Han Brad GBSF4202 2PM
June 20 Jessica Ross Diana GBSF4202 2PM
June 27 Michelle Kirk Andrew LSA1022 2PM
July 5 Independence Day
July 11 Marwa Luca LSA1022 2PM
July 18 Brad Peter Shamoni LSA1022 2PM
July 25 No lab meeting
Aug 1 Meric Sundaram Kirk LSA1022 2PM
Aug 8 No lab meeting
Aug 15 No lab meeting
Aug 22 Livingstone Andrew Han LSA1022 2PM
Aug 29 Luca Matt Settles Anne LSA1022 2PM
Sept 5 Labor Day
Sep 12 Diana Kaiwen Meric LSA1022 2PM
Sept 19 Plant Biology Fall Colloquium
Sept 26 Ross Jessica Isabelle LSA1022 2PM
Oct 3 Andrew Benny Mohan LSA1022 2PM
Oct 10 Mohan Diana Livingstone LSA1022 2PM
Oct 17 Matt Settles Sundaram Peter LSA1022 2PM
Oct 24 Kaiwen Michelle Shamoni LSA1022 2PM
Oct 31 Kirk Michelle Marwa LSA1022 2PM
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