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Schedule of lab meeting

Conference room reservations

Projector reservations

Previous Lab Meeting Schedules

Current Schedule

Date 45 Min. Talk 5 min Talk 1 5 min Talk 2 Location Time
April 20 Xiaopeng Anne Isabelle Zoom 3:30PM
April 27 Peter Livingstone Meric Zoom 3:30PM
May 4 Laura Helen Kirk Zoom 3:30PM
May 11 Lisa Isabelle Xiaopeng Zoom 3:30PM
May 18 Elena/Jasmine + TBA Weier Luca Zoom 3:30PM
May 25 Memorial Day Weekend
June 1 David Kirk Anne Zoom 3:30PM
June 8 Luca Livingstone Isabelle Zoom 2:00PM
June 15 Meric/Helen Xiaopeng Weier Zoom 2:00PM
June 22 Alana Peter Kirk Zoom 2:00PM
June 29 Laura Benny Livingstone Zoom 2:00PM
July 6 Andrew David Xiaopeng TBA 2:00PM
July 13 Weier Nestor Peter TBA 2:00PM
July 20 Kirk Meric Laura TBA 2:00PM
July 27 Livingstone Helen David TBA 2:00PM
August 3 Xiaopeng Laura Nestor TBA 2:00PM
August 10 Peter Isabelle Meric TBA 2:00PM
August 17 Benny Anne Helen TBA 2:00PM
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