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Comai Lab Current Orders


  • NEB polymerase samples - TH requested on 10/15/09
  • Received confirmation 10/19/09, arrived 10/20/09
  • QIAquick 96 PCR purification kit - HT requested info on 10/15/09
  • JMM requested info from Qiagen rep on 10/15/09
  • May work with our centrifuge or will work with Charlie's, will order when how many we want has been confirmed
  • Strip caps for Qiagen round-well blocks - HT requested info on 10/15/09
  • JMM ordered one box on 10/19/09, order went through on 10/20/09
  • Will see if work well and then can order more
  • Disposable tips for Apricot robot - HT requested info on 10/15/09
  • JMM spoke with Apricot rep on 10/19/09, identified tip type (550 ul)
  • Placed order for one case (20 racks) of tips, waiting for processing
  • Barcode scanner (code 39 supported) - HT requested info on 10/15/09
  • JMM found several models ranging from $120-$500+ (depending on quality, BlueTooth capability, etc)
  • Can order when HT decides on model
  • 96-well format plates with removable tubes
  • Only sell in large cases (i.e. 40 racks for $954.72), colorful caps may cost more (JMM can e-mail Micronics rep to find out if desired)
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