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Restriction Enzyme Sequence Comparative ANalysis (RESCAN)

Rescan adapters.png




  • Software
    • Restriction enzyme analysis. [[]] takes a genome as a fasta file and one or more restriction enzyme sites. It outputs a table of fragments and corresponding sizes.

RESCAN publications

  • Monson-Miller J, Sanchez-Mendez D, Fass J, Henry IM, Tai TH, Comai L. 2012. Reference genome-independent assessment of mutation density using restriction enzyme-phased sequencing. BMC Genomics (in press)
  • Seymour DK, Filiault DL, Henry IH, Monson-Miller J, Ravi M, Pang A, Comai L, Chan SWL, Maloof JN. 2012. Rapid creation of Arabidopsis doubled haploid lines for quantitative trait locus mapping. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, (in press).
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