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A. arenosa data download

We will be soon adding cDNA contigs. Luca Comai. June 2011.

cDNA contigs from A. arenosa Care-1

We assembled cDNA reads generated by Illumina using using Velvet, CLC as primary and CAP3 as superassembler. The input was a total flowering plant cDNA library of A. arenosa Care-1. The file is about 60 Mb.

Genomic DNA contigs from A. arenosa Care-1

  • Joe's contigs. Velvet assembly of genomic reads. Download contigs as a 54Mb zipped file
  • Victor orthologous contigs. Trimmed subset of Joe's contigs with relation to A. thaliana orthologs. Download contigs


This work was funded by National Science Foundation Plant Genome grant DBI-0733857 (Functional Genomics of Polyploids) and National Institutes of Health R01 GM076103-01A1 (Dosage dependent regulation in hybridization) to LC.

ABC Polyploidy site

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