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A. arenosa data download

cDNA contigs from A. arenosa Care-1

Meric Lieberman assembled cDNA reads generated by Illumina using using Velvet and CLC as primary assemblers and CAP3 as superassembler. The input was a cDNA library made from total flowering plants of A. arenosa Care-1. Each cDNA contig is annotated in the FASTA header with the best BLAST hit and related GO categories. The downloadable file is about 60 Mb.

Genomic DNA contigs from A. arenosa Care-1

  • Joe's contigs. Velvet assembly of genomic reads. Download contigs as a 54Mb zipped file
  • Victor orthologous contigs. Trimmed subset of Joe's contigs with relation to A. thaliana orthologs. Download contigs


This work was funded by National Science Foundation Plant Genome grant DBI-0733857 (Functional Genomics of Polyploids) and National Institutes of Health R01 GM076103-01A1 (Dosage dependent regulation in hybridization) to LC.

ABC Polyploidy site

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