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Next Generation Sequence Analysis

A project by Dr. David Coil, the Comai Lab, and the UCD Genome Center

Around 2007, the advent of next generation sequencing (= a lot of DNA sequence for much less $) opened a new approach to biology. The sheer volume of DNA data produced by this method appears daunting. It does not need to be so. A little bit of knowledge of specialized computer techniques can lead us a long way. This page links to a number of our tutorial videos, some ready, some under production, on simple methods for next-generation sequence analysis.

These videos are aimed primarily at biologists who lack the bioinformatics knowledge to analyze these large data sets. Therefore biological background knowledge is assumed.

Using the Terminal (4 videos)

This series of videos looks at using the Terminal program (which comes on every Macintosh computer) to view and parse large sequence datasets.

NOTE FOR PC USERS: The Terminal is a Unix shell and there is no default equivalent found within Windows. However, a number of similar programs can be found and the vast majority of the commands will be the same. See the link below for more information:

Making sense of short reads sequence

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